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Most Expensive Streets

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Sell My House Quickly found another interesting article about properties in Glasgow. What are the most expensive streets in Glasgow?

Glasgow’s most expensive streets have been revealed, with data identifying the postcodes with the highest property value.

Most Expensive Streets

Research by Bank of Scotland looking at house prices between 2016 and 2021 shows the most expensive streets to purchase a residential property in Scotland.

Although Edinburgh held on to the title of most expensive place to buy a house, Scotland’s biggest city gave it a run for its money.

Two Glasgow postcodes appear in the top 25, with properties going for over £1million.

Bothwell’s Earls Gate has been nominated the most expensive in the Glasgow postcode area, with the average house price reaching a staggering £1,171,000.

The G71 street has also been found to be the tenth with the highest prices in Scotland. 

Thorntonhall also made an appearance as the second most expensive place to buy a house in Glasgow, and the 17th most expensive in the country.

Here, in Peel Road, the average price of a property is an eye-watering £1,124,000.

Edinburgh streets occupy the top five positions in the chart. And with Regent Terrace, in the New and Old Town UNESCO site, these have the most exorbitant prices at an average of £1,679,000.

The capital is followed by St Andrews, in sixth place, with the priciest property found in The Scores, overlooking the beaches and golf course.

However, several entries in the top 25, including Glasgow’s, are from areas outside the cities, pointing to a change in homeowners’ needs, say bank bosses.

Graham Blair, Director at Bank of Scotland, said: “Priorities have changed, homes that offer more space are more valuable to buyers than homes in prime commuting locations.

“Therefore, those with deeper pockets are starting to look further afield for their forever home.”

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